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Many many congratulations America from a Brit!

Firstly, I express my pride and gratitude to each and every one of you who went out today and voted, regardless of who you voted for.

Secondly, you’ve finally showed the world today with your votes that you can vote with your minds and no longer with your hearts as you so often have.

Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama and your running mate Joe Biden!

I wish you all the best and may you lead with intelligence and courage as you’ve promised your people and the world.

America is now officially in the 21st Century. Obama and his election as president has revolutionised your country’s political system to confer with how you define yourself – as the multi-racial and multi-religious country that is largely very tolerant of all, that you most certainly are.

This today folks is the official end of the Civil Rights Movement!

I am very proud of you America today.

PS: Despite his loss, John McCain is an honourable good man, excellent politician and a very patriotic American. I hope that Obama realises his worth and makes him a member of his team.


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