Contributors wanted!

Hello all,

Isseh has a great idea of having all of you who joined in to become contributors on the site.  Please comment on here or send an e-mail if you’d like me to send you an invitation.  We can, then, have people post updates on their progress and we could have a brisk discussion and some output.  I think that I’d like to have more space to have a resource area for articles and other publications.  I will get us more space this week.  

 Until then, brothers and sisters.


Rebuttal Campaign #1

Hey folks,

So I figured a little tab on the right hand corner of my cave will not do for our collaborations.  This blog is our virtual office.

The following people have signed up for help with this (and coming) campaign(s):

  1. AMTAF
  2.  Nonchalant
  3. Isseh
  4. Evolving Primate
  5. Cigaal
  6. Native Female
  7. Native Daughter

Isseh is the campaign leader and his e-mail is Ali.Isseh@gmail.com.  Please post your comments/submissions/questions here or e-mail them to any of the collaborators.  For those of you who wish to contribute, please contact Isseh as well to begin the communication.

One step at a time, brothers and sister.

For thine own self


First, thanks to all of you for jumping in with both feet. 

Cold_Spring has sent an excellent piece, thank you!  Cigaal has taken a well-thought out and extremely important step of learning more about ‘scapegoating’ and effective responses.  We will learn whatever we can to move forward.  Scapegoating  is the mouthpiece for bigotry and racism, and has preceeded much violence against minority groups. 

Seems like the Tennessee article will be our trial run for the Somali Bloggers’ Lobby.  This article has received some rebuttals from local and national people and rebuttals are best when close to the issuance of the article.  Nonetheless, it is very useful in spreading the word about Brian Mosley as he will no doubt continue his campaign.  It is also important in helping us iron out the process and use this like a fire drill.  We will time our response and efficiency from this trial run.

So, in the spirit of collaborative work, we need a campaign lead, an editor, and a researcher.  The lead will co-ordinate this particular response (contacting writer and editors, connecting with the researcher, and then being the spokesperson to the recipients of the letter).  The editor will take the 2 responses already submitted and give about 2 days for more people to submit their work.  Once all contributions are in, the editor merges the salient points in the letters/submissions into a brief but powerful rebuttal.  The researcher for this project needs to look up human rights agencies, journalists’ associations, and other agencies who should hear about this particular letter. 

Ready for work, team!

Let’s do this practice/real run and improve upon our process.

Since we’re beginning, I will delegate for this run only but will open the floor in the future for other to organize and delegate.  We will rotate roles for every rebuttal depending on interest.  This will give all of us a chance to practice every aspect of lobbying.

Campaign Lead:  Isseh

Editor: AMTAF

Researcher: Open for candidate interest.  If you are in the US (or anywhere) and have a couple of hours to dedicate to researching and calling around, please respond here or send me an e-mail.

I would like us to be brisk and efficient in our response to these assaults.  I would also like us to invite our friends not in the UK, US, and Canada to participate with their own alerts and contributions.  There seems to be a tide of xenophobic sentiment in previously decent places.  Here in the US, the land of slavery and systemic bigotry, it is as everyday as ayeeyo’s laxoox.

You guys rock!


Carry arms!

 This is my first project alert and I’m hoping that it will be of interest to some of you very smart people.  Lurkers, damn you!  If you do nothing else, join in the projects.

 In the past few months, I’ve had more than 1 person send me an article that defames nomads.  These 2 articles are an example (1 & 2).  It is no secret that we do not have a strong lobby here in the West that speaks out against biased attacks by the media. 

I would like us nomad bloggers to consider forming a virtual lobby that prepares rebuttals through letters and e-mails wherever one of these defamatory pieces surfaces.  Think of the ADL.  It seems like a passive thing to do but a pen can only be defeated by a pen.  There are political and economic tides that launch an unrelenting campaign against the weakest members of a society.  Black, muslim, sort-of-new comers are a very easy target.

I propose that we have a system of response:

  1. Someone reads/hears of the article and sends me or the friendly nomad corner folks word. 
  2. We organize and delegate volunteers to write, edit and send out the response to the editor of the publication.
  3. We use our contacts to spread the word by sending copies of the letter.
  4. We seek support from friends/contact who are non nomad in our rebuttals.  The world is too large to close it off to only us. 

Bloggers are the present journalists of the world.  Sure, we got as much respect as George Michael in a ‘No sex in public’ meeting, but we’re still journalists.  Some of you are brilliant writers, AMTAF is one and she has graciously signed on.  I don’t mean to call you out and put the rest of you on the spot but I will do it anyway from now on so sue me. 

In the future, I will post a Project Alert on the blog but keep the discussion to the tab in the top right side of this page so please, always check in there and jump in with both gnarly feet. 

I would like to keep this general page for my navel-gazing.  In Aya world, she is the star, the director, the cleaning lady, and the creepy asshole who pretends to replace lightbulbs while he collects bodies of little children in his basement.  Ya hear me?